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Art Inspired by Animals and Nature

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you're here because you love animals like I do. My love for animals and nature is combined with my love of art and I hope that it brings out empathy in people, leading to respect for animals and nature.  My purpose is to use the proceeds from my art to make a difference. When you purchase from my Etsy shop, you help me support non-profits dedicated to helping animals in need and preserving our natural ecosystems. This site features many of the paintings and drawings I have done over the past few years. To view items currently for sale, including original oil paintings, color pencil drawings, prints, and handmade prayer flags and patches, please visit my Etsy shop.

"Such a sweet colorful piece of artwork. It lifts my spirit and brings a smile to my face. I’m so grateful for this beautiful painting. It arrived quickly and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this artist."  - Etsy shopper, Carol

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